Jessica Chose to Define Her Beauty on Her Own Terms. How Do You Define Yours? Share Your Story

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It seems as though the standards for beauty are always changing for women in our society. Thin is in one minute and the next the trends zone in on getting a bigger butt. Throughout history, women have tried to conform to a standard of beauty that always seems to be just out of reach. This has not only caused a lot of inner turmoil for women as individuals but has also caused a lot of scrutiny and competition between women as well. These false ideals are passed down from generation to generation, that you have to look a certain way or be a certain weight to be enough in this world. The sad thing is, young girls are very impressionable, and even the slightest hint at their imperfections could cause a lifetime of self-deprecation. With all of the different magazines, advertisements, and campaigns that tell women to look a certain way, it's no wonder that women all over the world struggle with low self-confidence. The good news is, there is change happening, and there are companies that are choosing a different route in the way they connect with their customers. Dove is one of those companies, and they make it known in their advertisements that they don't buy into the one size fits all mentality, and neither should women.

Dove proclaims in their new advertising campaign that every woman is beautiful and that women can do whatever they want to do, and that their appearance has nothing to do with it. Jessica, one of the women in the Dove advertisement Beauty On Your Own Terms, #MyBeautyMySay, shares her beauty with the world through being a fashion blogger. The advertisement is one of the many commercials Dove has created, and most of them end up becoming trending videos on their own because of the powerful, liberating message they share. Dove's Beauty On Your Own Terms features several women who have each been questioned about the life path they chose judged on their looks. Not only is this horribly judgemental, but it's also an outdated form of thinking that needs to be dissolved. Dove and all of the women in the video want other girls and women to know that you can be whatever you want to be, it has nothing to do with your looks.

Sadly, Jessica was bullied by others who she was "too fat" to be a fashion blogger and that "only skinny girls can dress well". She decided that what they were saying wasn't true, and she went down her own path in life leaving the naysayers behind. She now successfully runs her own fashion blog, and she lives her life in pure style. She says "My style is 100% unapologetic" which is how it should be for everyone because size doesn't matter and physical appearance shouldn't even be a factor in how you live your life and express yourself. All of the other women in the video heard similar things. One woman was told she looks too masculine, another woman was told she dresses too young for her age. Each of the women stood up to the judgemental people by simply continuing to go after their dreams which is the best response. Each person has their own unique story to live and their own unique style and personality, that's what makes us each beautiful in our own special way. Dove's trending videos seem to have the same message; to love ourselves exactly as we are right at this very moment and not at some later time when everything's perfect. Because everything already is perfectly, beautifully you and you're enough just as you are. How do you define your beauty?***

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