Lemuria Discovered: Sunken Continent of Ancient Civilizations

Most people have heard of the history of the ancient civilization of Atlantis which is now one of the submerged continents on Earth. When a submerged continent like this is found it changes the way we perceive our Earth's history and our ancient lineage as human beings. Along with the ancient civilization of Atlantis, scientists have found another submerged continent on Earth called Lemuria, which was home to an entirely different civilization than Atlantis. There is also speculation of another ancient civilization called Mu as well which might be part of the same history as Lemuria. Lemuria is said to have stretched from India to Australia and was in existence before written history thousands of years ago in ancient history. Philip Sclater, a geologist, did mention Lemuria in the 19th century. In his article titled, The Mammals of Madagascar from 1864, he wrote about lemur fossils in Madagascar and India. However, these fossils were not found in Africa or the Middle East which made him wonder if India and Madagascar were connected at some time in history. The name Lemuria came from the lemur fossils that Philip Sclater found in Madagascar and India. It has also been thought that the Earth's continents have shifted drastically over time and that some land masses even sink or are covered by the ocean's water over time from flooding.

Looking at India and Sri Lanka scientists noticed an interesting formation in the Palk Strait in the Indian Ocean. It looks like a bridge that connects India and Sri Lanka that has been named Adam's Bridge. This ancient bridge is believed to be the first bridge ever built on Earth. The bridge has been studied and explored, and it has been concluded that the ancient bridge was human made. In Hinduism, they refer to this bridge as being built by the Hindu god Rama, and since ancient times it has been called the Bridge of Rama or Rama Setu. Researchers say that the Lemuria would have broken off of the land during the Mesozoic era. Floods at this time caused submerged continents and ancient civilizations to completely disappear. Another association to Lemuria could be the submerged continent of Kumari Kandam, which was home to the Tamil one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth who migrated to other continents and started new civilizations. In Tamil literature, the land of Lemuria is said to have been in existence for over 20,000 with people living on the land.

The Tamil people are still living in India, Mauritius, Singapore and Sri Lanka and they have the oldest written dialect in the human history. Their story goes that they are the descendants of Pandiyan kings that ruled the land before it became a sunken continent. Scientists have confirmed that there is a lost continent under the Indian Ocean that was part of the continent Gondwana. They studied zircon, a mineral found in the rocks from volcano eruptions and found that it was far too ancient to belong to Mauritius. Usually, there are rocks that are no older than 9 million years old on Mauritius while the zircons could be 3 billion years old. These zircons contain information of ancient geological processes so they can tell scientists a lot about the evolution of our Earth. The evidence isn't completely clear yet, but there are many people who believe in the existence of Lemuria, and there could be more discoveries in the years to come in our human evolution. Lemuria has also been used as a location and inspiration for TV shows, books, movies and music. If you would like to learn more, watch the entire video from Universe Inside You on YouTube and see what you think. Do you think Lemuria existed at one point?***

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