Look at These 35 Star Wars Memes, You Will

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It is usually the 4th of May that the Internet is flooded with Star Wars related posts. Star Wars is so huge that since its first film was released back in 1977, its success continued to video games, TV series and other products related to it. This explains why you will see a lot of people on your Facebook news feed saying, "May the 4th be with you" everytime that faithful day hits the calendar. And, of course, a bunch of Star Wars memes can also be seen in almost all social media like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. But we must thank those people who dedicate their time creating those memes because we have to admit that they are so funny and witty! Take a look at these 35 Star Wars Memes, you will surely laugh and agree with us when we say that they're not just hilarious, but they're also intelligently written.

Among our favorites has to be what the Internet calls, Jabba the Pug with the meme that says, bring me solo and the wookie. The pug's face is going to make it hard for you not to laugh!

Yoda's famous unique way of delivering words was also turned into a meme. Apparently, Yoda saying You Only Live Once or YOLO is one of the funniest things you'll ever have to see online because instead of YOLO, it turned into OOYL or as Yoda would say, Only Once, You Live. Now, who wouldn't find that funny?

And to wrap up our favorite Star Wars memes, we have got to hand it to the Advice Stormtrooper meme that says, Wear full body armor, still in one shot. Anyone who came up with it has a really keen mind with a good sense of humor.

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