Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star

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Shammy, the miniature horse is becoming an internet star. The 5 month old, 50 pound, 20 inch tall miniature horse is affectionate, loveable and adorable. More like a dog in his loyalty and companionship, owner Michele Puryear's little shadow follows her everywhere. He is a mischievous, playful little guy and even has a book written about him! Check him out on 'YouTube'. 'YouTube' is a place where an originally created video is shared, discovered and watched. This sharing creates a forum for people to connect with one another, inspire each other and inform one another about pretty much anything, including a special horse named Shammy.

Shammy was born with a rare type of dwarfism that means his body does not grow as fast as his internal organs. It is likely that he will suffer from arthritis and heart problems, a heartbreaking future for his owner and fans. Equine dwarfism is the most prevalent amongst miniature horses. Though equine dwarfism has also been seen in Friesians, Mustangs, Shetland ponies and even miniature donkeys, it is the miniature horse that is at highest risk. It is estimated that 50% or more of the breed is affected as well as every single blood line, making breeding miniature horses a heartbreaking task. There is currently no genetic testing available.

Out of the 4 types of equine dwarfism, Hypochondrogenesisis the most fatal and often the the horses are aborted before birth. This particular type of dwarfism usually is a combination of two or more types. Achondroplasia, know as "short extremities", meaning the ears and legs, is the most common form of equine dwarfism. These horses live fairly normal lives, though they are often affected by arthritis. Brachiocephalia dwarfism has the shortest life span due to heart and organ failure. These horses often have misaligned jaws, obstructed nasal passages, protruding backs and ligament disorders. Dwarfism is a recessive genetic disorder where both parents are affected and pass it on to their offspring. For Ms. Puryear, the hardest thing about loving Shammy, is knowing that it is very likely her little buddy is going to endure a lot of pain in the future. In the meantime, she chooses to treasure each day with him, making daily moments with this miniature horse who is becoming an internet star a high priority. To meet Shammy, visit 'YouTube' by following the link below.

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