MUFON - The Mutual UFO Network for sharing UFO sightings around the world.

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Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? Check out MUFON - The Mutual UFO Network for sharing UFO sightings around the world. As time goes on, there is less and less doubt in the minds of the citizens of Earth that there is other life out in the universe. For some, this might still be a little bit too far out to even admit, but with the ever growing evidence that is being shown from Unidentified Flying Object sightings to abductions. Throughout history, there have been claims of extraterrestrial life as far back as ancient Egypt where the Egyptian people would create hieroglyphics and art representing these other planetary beings. Civilizations like the Mayan and Aztecs also have depictions and stories of meeting our cosmic kin throughout the ages who brought them wisdom and knowledge on spirituality and metaphysics and multidimensional living. Many native tribes in Canada and the United States also have legends of the people from the sky and believe that there are other beings out there as well. In this vast and infinite universe it is impossible to think that we are all alone, and that we are the only living beings of our kind out there. Just as it was once ridiculous for the explorers to think that there weren't any other people on the lands they went to explore and discover for the first time for themselves.

Floating along on the third planet from the sun in the milky way galaxy, we are so far the only known humans in our solar system. So far, scientific evidence has pointed toward there being no sustainable planet besides Earth for human life. Many of the planets are too hot or too cold, don't have breathable air or adequate soil to grow food. But just as the explorers once went out to sea in their ships, so too are the astronauts, explorers of space, venturing out into the vast ocean of the universe to explore and discover. Once all of the continents were explored, it seems as though humans don't want to stop there, that we have an innate desire to explore uncharted territory and make new findings. Mars is one of the current planets being explored upon, and some people even think that people could be starting to live on Mars' surface sooner than later. What an exciting thing to think about. Maybe in our time there will be people living on Mars.

So if you do believe that there are other beings out there, you might not be one of the ones who needs any proof, or maybe you have had enough first hand experience of your own to know that there is other life out there. Mufon is an awesome website that is all about UFO sightings and alien experiences. They feature a 24/7 live map of UFO sightings that is updated frequently called the UFO Stalker. People from all around the world can post their most recent UFO or alien encounters and have them updated to the map. It is a really neat tool to use to see just how many people out there are seeing extraterrestrial life and there are even more sightings that aren't reported too. Most of the accounts have detailed information about what they saw and users are able to comment on the viewings and add their own information. Some people even post photos of their sighting. Also on the Mufon website there are news stories and great articles talking about all things UFO and extraterrestrial as well as a radio show that people can tune into. The website also features books for people to read too. Have a look and enjoy.


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