Mysterious Creature Rips Apart Cars in Oklahoma

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People want to know about the "Mysterious Creature Rips Apart Cars in Oklahoma!" Locals in an Oklahoma city are still trying to find out what happened at a car lot where several cars were vandalized with strange markings all over the car.

People in Oklahoma are looking for answers after cars were torn apart in a parking lot. Local police are concerned enough that they've set traps to capture this motor vehicle monster that leaves behind piles of mangled parts and car bodies covered with bite marks, hair and blood. Fred Griffin, the general sales manager at Green Country Ford in Vinita, Oklahoma, first called the local police about a week ago to report strange damage to nine cars on his car lot. While vandalism is a common occurrence in car lots, Griffin had never seen anything quite like this. There are paw prints, course hairs mixed in all the mangled parts and what look to be bite marks on the cars. The whole front clip of a car was ripped off with teeth marks all over it and hair matted to it. The car was just totally destroyed.

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