Mystery DOME found on Mars: Alien hunters say structure was built by an ancient civilisation on the red planet

You will want to take a look at A mysterious photo of what looks to be a man-made dome on Mars. The dome stands out from the rest of the landscape, and some people are convinced that Nasa is covering up what are remains of an ancient civilization that was once on Mars.

Some people who are wanting to back up their bizarre theories also have spotted in photos what they think to be coffins to military bunkers, on the red planet. This latest sighting of what is apparently just a rock taken by the Opportunity rover is being described as a man-made dome, which some believe was left behind by an alien race at some point during Mars watery past.

They also claim that there is a light or a glow that comes from the middle of the apparent dome, and is just more evidence that the dome might be metallic and is reflecting the sunlight. Conspiracy website, the Unsilent Majority believes that what we might be looking at is some building that is left behind by an ancient civilization on Mars. Do you think that this dome shape is man made? It does look to be a dome; it's fun to imagine that it might come from an ancient civilization that once lived on Mars. Maybe that is what we are looking at, evidence that proves that Mars was once inhabited in the past by beings that developed on Mars, just like humans have developed around the world. It might just be a natural rock formation, but we also might consider the possibility that it was, in fact, part of an alien structure on Mars.

The site also goes on to say that the dome might also be a secret space program and flotilla developed by Nasa, that operates in space. Apparently there have been other domes similar to the one found on Mars, on the surface of the moon. They are thought to be the result of what might have been ancient eruptions that formed volcanoes that were flat and wide. This recent sighting follows another discover that was made earlier this year, which conspiracy theorists thought to have been one of Egypt's Great Pyramids also found on Mars. The pyramid, like the dome, had a nearly perfect shape and design, and people also argued that the pyramid was evidence that an ancient civilization had lived on Mars. The pyramid was thought to be about the size of a car, and conspiracy theorists thought it might be the tip of something that was larger, and buried underneath. Video footage taken by Nasa' Curiosity Rover of the pyramid was shared by the YouTube channel and PananormalCrucible.

What was odd, is that none of the Curiosity Rover's photos taken afterwards in the following minutes included the pyramid shaped objects. So it would seem that the operators of the Curiosity chose not to take any more photos or zoom in on the said pyramid. If they did take more photos, none of them were released to the public. ParmanormalCrucible also claims that the nearly perfect design of the shape shows that the pyramid is the result of an intelligent design, and it was not the work or trick of shadow and light.

Other people are not convinced at these theories, saying that there is are similar rock formation that are on Earth that have been caused by wind.

Conspiracy theorists in the past, have also believed that civilizations including those on earth, have secretly visit the red planet and established colonies there. Whatever the formations are, you certainly can't but wonder if there is some truth to the theories.

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