No Gym, No Problem! This Circuit Workout Uses Just Your Body

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No gym, no problem. For this circuit workout from Popsugar, all you need is your own body weight. Going to the gym can be quite expensive and also time-consuming. For many people, it's annoying to have to work out around other people and stay focused, or have to share equipment with a bunch of other people. So that's why some folks are choosing to add practical, easy workout routines to their healthy lifestyle. These types of workouts are also great because they don't involve using any workout equipment like weights or treadmills. You can simply use your stairs for some of the step up exercises and a bench or chair for the triceps dips. This way there's no excuse not to exercise, you have all of the stuff you need right in your own home. Just get started by doing some light cardio and run through each of the exercises twice, resting in between. The exercises are done in circuits of three exercises, once you finish the exercises in the first circuit, rest for a minute and then run through them all again once more for a total of two times. The whole routine shouldn't take more than 20 minutes, so you can squeeze it into any part of your day and make time for your health and wellbeing.

The first circuit of the routine involves doing some step-ups on a stool or a sturdy bench; you can also use your stairs for a sturdier option. Then, you do 15 push-ups on the floor and 20 walking lunges. This circuit has you working your arms and legs to start out. The next circuit also works the arms and the legs by doing squat jumps, triceps dips and the elbow plank, which is similar to a normal plank exercise where you are in the starting position of a push-up, but for these ones, you rest your weight on your forearms instead of your extended hands. The final circuit has some abdominal exercises in it including some bicycle crunches which are great for all of the abdominal muscles, and wall sits are also great for strengthening the core as well as the legs. This circuit also includes a side plank where you hold a plank position much like the forearm plank, but on your side to work different muscles. This would be a great routine to add to your healthy lifestyle or to start out with if you're just getting back into working out more often. You could do this workout every day, or you could do it three or four times a week. It would be great to add this exercise in with another form of exercise you do like running or walking, which is great to do every day if you can.

Healthy living isn't too hard when you make it a part of your lifestyle. Instead of working out because you want the perfect body, you can change your thought approach to it by reminding yourself that you're working out because you love yourself and it's a part of your daily routine of self-care. Naturally, when you do more good things for yourself, you will begin to feel better and then look healthier as a result. Another major part of maintaining your overall health and wellbeing is to eat healthy food including a lot of vegetables and fruits, and lean, organic, sustainably raised meats. Healthy living will just naturally become your way of life, and before you know it, you'll start feeling better and enjoying life more. Enjoy these workouts and more from Popsugar. Implement some of these exercises to your daily routine and give your body the care it needs.***

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