Pleiadians - Everything You Wanted to Know 2017

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Have you ever questioned if we're alone in the Universe or are aliens real? Throughout history, people have been fascinated with what exists beyond earth, and there have been sightings of UFOs and even some alien sightings. There have been signs pointing to humans not being the only beings in the universe for centuries, and evidence from ancient civilizations of alien sightings and contact. There are the aliens in pop culture too, who look very different from us. These extraterrestrials are known as Greys since they have a greyish green pigment to their skin. Another group of extraterrestrials is known as the Pleiadians who are also called the Nordic aliens because of their resemblance to humans from Nordic countries on Earth. When the alien sightings have occurred, people say that the Pleiadian beings usually have lighter coloured hair and blue eyes. They come from the system surrounding the Pleiades star constellation. It's also said that there are many dimensions and dimensional planes of existence in the universe besides the third-dimensional plane we exist on. These higher dimensional planes are not like the third-dimensional plane but a higher frequency.

The Earth plane is said to be a very dense dimension with a lot of duality meaning that we experience good and bad, light and dark. Apparently, the Pleiadians live in a fifth-dimensional state where they are very focused on love, spirituality and connection. The Pleiadians see how much suffering is happening on Earth and they want to help us to evolve into more of a heart centred way of living and connecting. According to some, Pleidians are our ancestors who seeded the human race on Earth, and they created the long lost land of Lemuria. Indigenous tribes all over the world also seem to have a strong connection to the Pleiades star system too. As people say, the Pleiadians sent their own scientists and engineers to different planets to determine whether or not they would be good places to settle. When Earth was seen as a habitable planet, they sent colonies to begin living here. So it's said that we may have a genetic connection to them as well as a spiritual connection with them. Many people feel as though they are from somewhere else, that they are not from Earth, and when they hear or read more about the Pleiadians, they feel a sense of connection with them and their empathic, conscious nature. There are even authors and psychics who say that they are channels of information from the Pleiadian beings so that we can understand them better, and so we can move into a more heart centred way of living.

Even if you don't believe in extraterrestrials, the concepts that are brought forth surrounding the Pleiadians are key to our evolution and growth as human beings. Humans have been very focused on the physical and mental aspect of ourselves for quite some time, and there has been a tendency to leave out the emotional and spiritual aspect of ourselves. So by understanding the intent of the Pleiadian message, it can help us to get more in touch with ourselves, our own hearts and emotions so that we can evolve individually and collectively. Also, they share messages about taking better care of the Earth and being more conscious of pollution and contamination, which is where a lot of people are working to make a better future for us all by creating alternative healthier products and means of transportation, packaging and production. So if you're still questioning are aliens real? You can learn more about the Pleiadians in the video from Universe Inside You where they explain a lot more. So have a listen to the video and see what resonates with you.***

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