Psychic Protection: Immunize Yourself Against Negative Energy

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Have you ever felt “uncomfortable” when you are inside an empty room? Or you just want to get immediately out of a room or office as soon as possible? What about that “negative” feeling? Can you feel a person's “negative” aura when you are near them?

Added to that, if you are feeling loss of energy, having trouble sleeping, nightmares, fatigue, or colds and any other illnesses, you might be under the influence of negative psychic or psychic attack. If it happens, you can go for a psychic protection to oppose such things.

This negative influence is commonly sorted into two types: the thought energies and the negative spirit influence, but this is not relating to the dead. The negative thought energies are made by a person who thinks negative thoughts such as hatred, anger and the likes. Thus, when this person thinks about those things, it will then directly project in your direction.

The good thing is that you can oppose these things by using positive energies, and it will disband the negative ones immediately. It is as simple as to stop a fire; you are going to need some water. Any form of negative thought spell can be “cancelled” by projecting a positive thought either stronger or the same strength and once they met the negative thoughts will dissolve.

These positive thoughts are prayer, visualization and the likes. The most general example of the latter is that try to picture out you are surrounded by a “shield” of light or even a hot, bright sun lights outward. The negative forms can be “cancelled” by the positive forms if the positive is more dominant. That is why it is important to get help through prayers in order to increase the positive forms of thoughts in your lives.

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