Recently Uncovered – 1930s Map of US Medicinal Plants for Pharmacists

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It's hard to imagine what the old days were like, when doctors prescribed medicinal plants as medicine, and when plants were commonly used as natural remedies, natural home remedies, and natural therapies. This recently-uncovered map from the 1930s shows many of the medicinal plants used by pharmacists during that time. The map depicts the common medicinal plants for each state of the US, as they were available in the early 1900s. It also lists the medicinal properties of each of these herbs. The map was published by the National Wholesale Druggists Association in 1932.

As the story goes, this beautiful educational map of all the plant remedies in the United States was printed by the National Wholesale Druggists Association during the Depression in order to highlight their profession at a time when it was already starting to change. As early as the 1930s, companies were already beginning to compound new pharmaceutical drugs in laboratories. The pharmacists association were trying to show how important the use of natural medicinal plants was, how simple they were, how reliable they were, and how readily-available they were throughout the country. The map illustrates between one and two critical plant species growing in each state at that time, while stating whether it grew wild or was cultivated, and explaining its medicinal qualities. They even included a few different seaweed species that floated freely throughout the Atlantic Ocean as well as a few other significant medicinal plant species growing in other areas of the world.

Looking at this map is like going back in history, to an era before pharmaceutical corporations took over the medicinal plant industry and started turning it into something quite different. It wasn't too long after this map was printed that the age-old tradition of preparing and dispensing herbal remedies for patients slowly faded away into a nostalgic memory. However, there's been a growing interest in reviving these traditions, of late, and thanks to modern science, we know more about the medicinal properties of these plants than ever before. Imagine the potential medicine could have if it combined traditional plant lore with modern-day science. We could potentially treat and heal a majority of diseases on the planet if these two branches combined into one holistic approach to health and healing. Imagine a world where we treated the source of the problem rather than merely its symptoms, without the use of potentially-addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

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