Rock Climbing 101: Rock Climbing Etiquette

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Have you ever been rock climbing before? If you have, then you know how fun it can be, but it's also important to keep note of a few basic rock climbing etiquette rules. If you've never been rock climbing now is your time to learn about how you can make sure to get the most out of your experience.

The first rule is to pay the fee before entering, straight forward but also important. Make sure to keep the belay area clear of your belongings, in addition keeping all of your belongings as orderly and out of the way as possible out of respect of other peoples space. Try to keep the space quiet and put on headphones instead of listening to loud music. Always call out the persons name if you're giving orders and instructions for climbing to avoid confusion. Trying to climb without equipment is absolutely inappropriate and dangerous - never attempt this. Keep swearing to a minimum since it might offend some people. And never leave any garbage behind - bring a bag to bring back the litter you have accumulated that day.

If you need someone to belay you, you can always ask one of the guides. It's important to have someone who is experienced and that you trust. Never remove your shirt unless you are using your own harness because the next person does not want it covered in sweat. Always wait your turn. Try to move carefully out of the way if you have come to the same spot as another climber since this can be dangerous. Try not to hog a certain route either. Never make fun of a climber - it's rude. Those are the general rules for everyone, but more specific rules are also outlined for belayers, groups, and spectators. So whether you're a seasoned rock climber or a complete beginner, you will be sure to learn a thing or two about rock climbing etiquette.

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