Self-Healing And The Bio-Energetic Information System

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The ancient people understood that there was an unseen underlying energy system that permeated human existence. In India these systems were called chakras, which literally translates to "spinning discs" whereas in ancient Chinese theory, it was considered "chi". Regardless of what we name these systems, the truth is that they are present, and Western science is finally catching up on the trend with the latest research supporting these findings. Back in the day these theories were considered fantastical and absolutely wrong, but the fact of the matter is that all life consists of electrical impulses and the body does contain many concentrated centers where the energy fires along the spinal axis. Our feelings and emotional states have the ability to affect our physical system in ways that can now be measured using scientific procedures and technology. For example, there was a direct correlation between where someone felt a certain feeling and where the electrical impulses were firing using a topographical scan of the body. Happiness was felt as an activation of sensation all over the entire body, whereas in contrast depression resulted in a lack of feeling of the limbs. Disgust appeared primarily in the gut, and anger was felt in the upper body extremities.

You can check out the article to see the images resulting from this scientific experiment. In addition to this finding, the placebo effect is another interesting phenomena that is partially explored in this article. Essentially, a person can receive the same healing benefits from a non-active substance that they think is medicine, without ever actually receiving an active compound at all. The belief is enough to ensue healing throughout the body. Science has a long way to go, but people are finally waking up to the reality that there is an entire world that is still unseen but that can be felt, just waiting to be discovered and further explored.

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