She Hated Her Blinds, So She Grabbed The Scissors And Began CUTTING! The Result? STUNNING!

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Freshen up your old blinds with do it yourself home improvements. The woman in this tutorial hated her blinds, so she grabbed the scissors and began cutting. The result is stunning. If you're tired of looking at your own dusty, old and faded blinds, this could be one of the great ways to recycle them and bring them new life. Every house seems to have these Venetian blinds, and they are great for keeping the light out and for maintaining privacy, but they can become worn out over time. Some of the slats get bent if they are metal, some even break off on the ends which is not a good look for any household. Sure, you could get new blinds, but that can be expensive and sometimes hard to find the right sizes, especially for really small or large windows. So why not just use one of the many ways to recycle your current blinds into something fabulous and unique? All you need for this fun diy project is a set of blinds that fits the window you are going to add them to, some glue, some nice fabric, and scissors.

When your picking the fabric for this project, you may want to stick with curtain fabric or upholstery fabric which is a little thicker than other fabrics and will work to block out the light and the views inside the house. Choose a fabric that will go nicely with the decor in the room. As you will be able to see in the video tutorial, she chooses a nice neutral fabric pattern that matches nicely with her bedding on the bed. This way everything is tied together, making the room feel cozy and look good. To start the project you take your scissors and cut one of the strings on the blinds, be sure to make sure which one to cut because you still need the chord that controls the opening and closing of the blinds. You only need several of the slats, and then you work to break all of the other slats off of the set of blinds. Then, spacing out the remaining slats laid out on the fabric, you can see where to cut the fabric around the edges being sure to leave an extra inch or two to glue the fabric down on the blinds. Gluing the fabric on the blinds is the last step and then allowing it all to dry secured with clothespins to keep it in place.

Once the glue dries, the clothespins can be removed, and you'll have Roman blinds. They look so great and add some softness to the window, plus they didn't cost you much more than the price of the fabric. If you're looking for more affordable fabric, you can also check a thrift store out for fabric to use for your diy ideas. This is another one of the great ways to recycle items instead of just buying brand new. Drop cloth material is also a nice option to use for do it yourself home improvements like this one. You can usually buy a few yards of this nice, thick fabric for under $20. It's a nice, beige tone, which would be fun to paint or stencil your own designs on which would make it even more of a diy project. Creating your own decor is a great way to add some of your own personality to your home. With these diy blinds, you can also change up the fabric as your tastes change too. Enjoy this and other diy ideas from All Tips Ideas as well as other crafts and recipes.***

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