She Made a Nail Art Using a Sandwich Bag

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Nail art has to be one of the hottest trends lately, and there are so many different ways you can decorate your nails. While nail art may be super easy for some people, others have a harder time with it. There are stickers and gems you can buy to add on to your nails, but if you want a design painted on your nails like the pros do at the nail salon, then simply try out this cool beauty hack from Rclbeauty101's YouTube channel. She made a whole video on Weird Beauty Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know, with several different beauty hacks and diy ideas that anyone who loves makeup can try out. In this particular beauty hack, Rachel shows us how to use a simple plastic sandwich bag to create a cool nail design, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the entire hack. So all you need to try this beauty hack at home for yourself is some nail polish in the colour of your preference, some Q-tips, and a plastic sandwich bag. The thicker plastic ziplock bags will work the best because the plastic is a bit more rigid and easier to paint your design onto.

Take your bag and with your nail polish, simply paint any design you like onto the plastic using the nail polish brush and a Q-tip to guide the paint. Rachel shows us how to make a heart shape, but you can make any shape you like, or maybe just some small polka dots. Once you have your design, let it dry completely and then when it's dry, simply turn the bag over and press the design onto your nail really hard. Press down for about ten seconds or so making sure to cover the entire area of the design, and then peel the bag away. Your nail design should remain on your nail now. Then you should put a layer of clear nail polish over top of the design so that it stays on your nail really well. This is fun to do to one nail, or you can try doing it on each of your nails. Try out different designs and see how they look. When you're using nail polishes, always try and get non-toxic formulas of nail polish too. There are brands of nail polish like Piggy Paint, LVX, NARS, Butter and Zoya to name a few, that you can try out. These nail polishes don't have the harmful chemicals like phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde that come in conventional nail polishes.

If you don't paint your nails, don't worry, Rachel shares plenty of other beauty hacks and simple life hacks with us in this video. She also teaches us how to get rid of dark skin in our armpits with just a simple potato. Apparently, the potato helps to lighten the skin because of it's natural enzymes known as catecholase. This enzyme has natural bleaching abilities that will transform those darker spots in your armpits. You just have to do this trick for a couple of weeks until they're all gone. You could also try this potato beauty hack on dark skin spots on your face, elbows and knees. Speaking of dark spots, if you have any bruises, Rachel also has a beauty hack for that. Just take a cotton ball and soak it in mouthwash, then put it on the bruise for a minute or so, and the bruise will magically fade. Enjoy trying out these great simple life hacks and diy ideas and be sure to check out more of Rachel's great videos too.***

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