She Placed Wet Green Tea Bag in Her Lips and the Effect Was Astonishing

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Feeling the burn of chapped lips? Try one of these great beauty hacks. Having chapped lips can be seriously painful and annoying. You're more likely to get chapped lips if you live in a drier climate, and sometimes if your lips have been sunburned or wind burned. To prevent this, always make sure to put some lip chap on your lips or some other kind of moisturising oil that will keep them hydrated. Also, sometimes our lips get chapped because we're not drinking enough water too, so remember to get your 8 cups a day or more. If you already have chapped lips and need instant relief, here's something you can try out. Rachel shows us that you can use a simple green tea bag to help cure your chapped, dried out lips. All you need is one fresh green tea bag. Take the tea bag and wet it with some water. Then squeeze out all of the water until you have your dampened tea bag. Place the damp tea bag on your lips for at least 5 minutes. The tea will soothe your dry lips and will restore moisture to them at the same time. When you take the tea bag off, your lips won't be chapped anymore. It's the tannins in the green tea that help treat the burning of your chapped lips and bring some moisture back into them.

You'll want to do this beauty hack every day for a little while until your lips feel less chapped, and make sure you also drink a lot of water, even if you're not that active. Our bodies need water to survive and carry out basic functions. Another great way to soothe your chapped lips is to make your own all natural homemade lip treatment. Just get some therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil and put at least one drop into a small amount of coconut oil. Then just apply to your lips and feel the dryness fade away. The peppermint will completely soothe those chapped lips and even make them look plumper and fuller. Rachel has so many other amazing simple life hacks and diy ideas in this video. She also has hundreds of other videos on her YouTube channel -Rclbeauty101 - where you can learn more about all things beauty and fashion. She also shares fashion hacks and clothing diy ideas so you can stay with the latest trends without having to spend a fortune.

Some of the other beauty hacks you'll learn from this particular video include using red lipstick to cover up dark under eye circles. You basically use the red lipstick as a primer before you apply your concealer and the red basically cancels out the blue tones in the under eye circles. It sounds weird, but it actually works really well. You can also learn how to create a simple smokey eye in seconds. All you need are some pieces of foam and your eyeshadow. You basically make individual eyeshadow stamps that you can transfer onto your eye, then blend out for a beautiful, dramatic look. You can also use other items like mouthwash for getting rid of bruises of all things. Just take a cotton ball or a cotton pad and put some mouthwash on it, then put the cotton ball on the bruise, and it will fade away. You can also use cotton balls to lengthen your eyelashes by adding the fibres to your lashes between coats of mascara. You have to see all of these incredible simple life hacks and try some of them out for yourself to see how they work for you.***

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