She Put Red Lipstick in Her Under Eye Area, When I Found out Why I Had to Try It!

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You might not think that putting anything other than concealer on dark spots would work. Surprisingly enough, something you wouldn't think would work is the perfect solution for those under eye circles and it's red lipstick. Naturally, the furthest thing from your mind when covering up hyperpigmentation on your skin is putting more colour on top of it. But oddly enough, it actually works, and it works really well too. Using red lipstick under the eyes to conceal under eye circles is definitely one of the latest beauty trends that's been circulating all over Instagram and YouTube, some of the hottest beauty and fashion magazines have even put it to the test. So why does it work so well? The pigments in the bright red lipstick help to neutralise the purple and blue tones in under eye circles. Just like putting green concealer can help to dull out the redness in pimples or rosacea. In art, looking at the colour wheel, you can see that the colour red is found to be the direct opposite of blue and green colours and these colours when applied over each other can, in essence, cancel each other out making red the perfect cover up for the blue under eye tones.

Before you try out the latest beauty hack, you may want to do a little bit of research to find out which shade of red will work best for your skin tone. If you have very fair skin, you can try a peachy red shade, and for darker skin, an orange shade will work best. Play around and try different shades to find your preferred concealer. To apply the red lipstick as the concealer, you'll actually be using it as a concealer primer, which means that you'll be using it before you apply your actual skin toned concealer. So take an eyeshadow brush and get some red lipstick on it. Then, apply it under your eye wherever you see dark pigmentation. Blend it in well, but don't rub it in entirely, you still need to be able to see the red pigment. Once you have the red lipstick where you want it, apply your normal skin toned concealer over top and blend it really well. You'll see that the two concealers working together will evenly cover up your dark under eye circles. You can test out one eye doing this cool beauty hack and the other eye just using plain concealer. You'll hopefully be able to see the difference the red lipstick makes.

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