She Was About to Throw This in the Trash When Inspiration Struck. Look What She Did in Her Laundry Room!

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When it comes to diy cool projects, this tutorial is very cool and creates something extremely useful. She was about to throw her old ironing board in the trash when inspirations struck. You'll be amazed by what she did in her laundry room. This is such a great diy idea to reuse an old ironing board. If you don't have one of these great metal ironing boards at home, you may be able to find one at your local thrift store or at a garage sale for a very affordable price. The newer ironing boards aren't made as bulky and heavy which is why most people will want to replace their old heavy metal one, or if the legs break at some point. But it's a shame to throw a good piece of metal like this out in the trash, so why not use it for some diy ideas instead? All you need for this great diy is a metal ironing board top and some metal baskets and some tools to fix the two together. What this ends up making is a sleek and stylish way to organize all of your laundry items. In the metal baskets you can store your laundry soap and your dryer sheets. You can also store things like money and papers that come from pockets before they go into the wash, or to store other cleaning products.

This is one of those diy ideas that doesn't require too much work. All you need to do is remove the legs from the top of the ironing board so it hangs flush against the wall. Then, you want to spray paint the board in the colour of your preference. In this case it was painted a nice, light beachy blue since it was being used at a beach house. But you can paint it white for a clean, simple look that will match any decor. You could even paint some designs onto your organizing shelf to make it unique and artistic. The one shown in the tutorial has a starfish at the top and a crab stencilled onto the basket. They also used an old planter spray painted the same colour as the ironing board as one of the baskets, so you could use any kind of container you wanted and reuse some old containers you had around. All you have to do is fix the containers to the ironing board by screwing them onto the front of the painted ironing board. It's as simple as that, once your containers are fixed to the board, just fill them up with the items you want to keep in them. Adding some hooks to hang delicate items to air dry would be great too. You could also use wood as the backing for diy ideas like this one and add cute hooks and baskets to it just like in the diy tutorial here.

Doesn't it make such a cute little laundry station? They even placed a laundry basket under it with a fish net on the outside to give it that nautical theme which looks really cute. There are so many diy cool projects on Hometalk to try out, just go through some of them and start a list of projects to do from their website. Diy ideas are great to implement into your home since they recycle old items and add some homemade items to your home. It's always nice to have some handmade items when everything seems to be made from plastic these days. Enjoy trying out this great tutorial when you have the chance and make sure you give some of the other ones on the website a try too.***

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