Siberian Huskies Walking Water

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They say that faith can make you walk on water, and if that's the case, we say that these Siberian Huskies walking on water have a lot of faith going on. These dogs could literally make it happen, and there are pictures to prove it. A photographer based in Russia named Fox Grom has captured a couple of Huskies bravely walking on a huge frozen lake. It would be a frightening thing if done by a human being, thinking any moment he or she could end up in the cold and freezing water when the ice breaks.

But these dogs have got a lot of guts walking on thin ice and even enjoying it. Although it makes sense, and it's not that surprising if you know the characteristics of these types of canines. They aren't exactly just your ordinary house or pet dog; they are born to love the ice. They are known as working dogs by nature since they originated in the northeastern part of Siberia. They have thick furs that are even double coated to protect them from getting sick because of the cold climate.

Siberian Huskies are also known to be active, resilient and energetic who can survive an extremely cold weather because their ancestors originally came from the Siberian Arctic. Looks like there's really no stopping these creatures if they want to have some daring fun walking on thin ice. They are not bothered by the ice surrounding them because they are born to embrace it.

Luckily, a photographer was able to catch them having an amazing time and capture some once in a lifetime photos. Thank goodness, these dogs came out safe from the frozen lake scene after all the photos were shot.

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