Signs Of Spiritual Awakening. Your Not Crazy! Your Just Waking Up!

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Have you been feeling a change in yourself lately, or have you always felt different from everyone around you and you're noticing that even more? You may be having what is called a spiritual awakening where you are becoming more tuned into your purpose in life and your inner world. A spiritual awakening has to do with raising your awareness to a spiritual level where you can see your purpose in life more clearly, and you can focus on learning about yourself more. Sometimes this shift occurs in conjunction with another life-changing event, but it can also happen gradually over time too. While it can be different for each individual, there are similarities between each spiritual awakening process that you can identify with so that you don't feel like you're going crazy and so you feel less alone in this process. It can feel exciting, but it can also feel a bit unsettling to feel like you're losing everything you once knew to move in the direction of what you feel is right for yourself. In the video from his YouTube channel, Ryan Cropper shares his ideas on spiritual awakening and the 10 signs that you may be going through the process of spiritual awakening yourself.

One of the first things Ryan says that you may notice if you're having a spiritual awakening is that you feel like moving to another place. You may also just feel like getting out of your normal routine and trying something new or travelling to a new place. Usually this desire to move or getaway is caused by feeling bogged down by the general mentality in the place you live in with the people you surround yourself with. You may be wanting to experience a different side of life that will help you to get more in touch with yourself and your purpose in life. So even if you don't move, it could even be a great idea to go away on a little trip so that you have some time to yourself and in another environment. You don't even have to go too far either. It could even be to a new city in your country that you've never been to before, or a nice little cabin in the woods, anywhere you're heart and soul are calling you to go to. You will also become more interested in focusing on what it will take to reach your goals, so you'll become less concerned with people or things that may have bothered you before.

Focusing on self-care will also be a big part of a spiritual awakening. You will figure out what feels best to you and your growth and you'll gravitate more toward those activities. You may even find yourself saying "No" to a lot of the activities that you used to be interested in, especially if they weren't good for your mental, spiritual or physical health. You may even find that you don't enjoy spending time with the same people you once used to, and you'll want to find more people who think and feel the way you do and who are also gaining more awareness of themselves and of life. There is also a tendency to question everything and to think deeply to understand things on another level. Which is why it's so helpful to read articles and watch videos so that you can learn more about your purpose in life and yourself. So listen to the entire video from Ryan's channel and see if you are experiencing all of the signs of spiritual awakening so that you don't feel like you're going crazy, and you realize you're just waking up and coming home to yourself.***

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