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Everybody needs a shelf or two around the house. Here are some simple floating shelves with a simple design that will go with any decor. The shelves are featured on Sabah DIY's Facebook page and are one of the items the online store sells. On their Facebook page and through their website you can find lots of great home items that make organizing your home easier. From baby cribs to freestanding closets, and even desks, you can find everything you need to organize your home and feel good about the space you live in. They even sell interesting products you may have never heard of or seen before like the 'Ostrich Pillow', which is a pillow you basically can bury your head and hands in to have a little nap on a table or desk undisturbed by any light. There's even a breathing hole in it so you can breathe comfortably while you snooze. This is probably the most quirky item they have for sale, but it's one of those things that you just can't help but want to try out and see how it works.

Sabah DIY's products are mainly shelving units, like the I Racks they are showcasing on their Facebook page through the link below. The racks come in different sizes to suit your space at 30cm x 20cm x 2.5cm, 60cm x 20cm x 2.5cm, 80cm x 20cm x 2.5cm, 100cm x 20cm x 2.5cm and in a variety of colours like black, white, light walnut and teak to match your decor. They come with the special hardware to hang them up on your wall and the instructions on how to hang them properly. This is one of those do it yourself home projects you could do in your spare time when you're organizing your home to make it more pleasant to be in. The shelves come from Malaysia and start at a price of 15 MYR which stands for Malaysian Ringgit, which converts to be around $3.40 US per self. That's a very affordable price for shelving, as we all know how expensive things can be in North America. On the Facebook page, it's great that they show how you can create a whole wall of shelving to organize items on. It just makes everything look so neat and tidy, and it gives you a chance to display all of your favourite items.

When it comes to diy furniture, installing a set of shelves like this, is one of the easiest do it yourself home improvements, yet it has a big impact on the look and feel of your home. You can also create your own diy furniture and shelving like this and make them out of solid wood if you like a more rustic, natural look. All you need to do is get the pieces of wood you like in the desirable thickness and length or make boxes out of plywood. There are many do it yourself home projects that show you how to make and install floating shelves like these too, so if you wanted them made out of real wood, stained to a specific tone, you could do that. Most of the do it yourself home projects for making floating shelves will fix the shelf to the wall using what's called a 'cleat' which is built from wood and then drilled into the studs of a wall to make sure it's really sturdy. If you'd rather just buy something to install, then these I Rack selves are perfect. Check out all of the other diy furniture Sabah DIY features on their Facebook page and their website.***

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