Spiritually Gifted People Are Affected By These 7 Strange Things

Everyone has their own unique personality with their own set of traits, whether good or bad. Some people, however, are gifted with more than usual spiritual strengths, with which they can use in their daily lives to see even the most ordinary things differently. This is not a very common occurrence, a person with a gifted spiritual sense is often more at peace with themselves and is more comfortable in their own skin than most other people in the room. These spiritual people are natural problem solvers and are always good to have around. Because spiritually gifted people are so sensitive to what is going on around them, they tend to be more affected by certain things. Everyone is gifted in some way, while some gifts are easily recognized and developed, others are more subtle and can even make you feel weird. Spiritual gifts aren't common and can make you feel special. But you do want to be wary, as spiritual gifts aren't always comfortable and if you do not learn to properly manage them, they can become a burden. You want to check out these signs if most of these things affect you, it mean bean that you are spiritual gifted. You will want to take a look at the Be The Light site for the full list of seven things spiritually gifted people are affected by. The following are just some of the things spiritual gifted people are affected and may affect spirituality and health.

1. The lunar cycles affect you. The moon is at it strongest at the new moon and the full moon. It is during these moon phases that spiritually gifted people have difficulty sleeping or may even be restless.

2. The time between 3:00 to 4:00 AM gives them sleeping troubles. This time is known as the witching hour, and it is the specific time of day that is believed to be where the magical powers are at their strongest. So it is at this time of day, that magical activity could be boosted, or weird things happen. So if you find yourself waking up at this time or have difficulty sleeping it could be a sign that you have a spiritual and psychic gift. If this happens to you, instead of freaking out, you should do something that could enhance or tame your powers such as prayer or meditation.

3. Animals are drawn to them. Animals have senses that are stronger than humans. They can smell emotions such as anger or kindness. Because of this, they are able to sense your aura, which makes them gravitate towards someone who is spiritual gifted. Animals are attracted to the spiritual energy of these humans, and they feel protected and safe in their company.

4. The emotions of a spritually gifted person are often affected by their physical surroundings. When you have a spiritual gift, then you are constantly facing the challenge of needing to control your emotions because when your emotions are intense, you may easily cause things to break or electronics to stop working. Even animals will act weird when they sense the strong emotions of people who are spiritually gifted. Such as cats staring or dogs barking for no reason. Plants may also get sick or flourish in their company, depending on their energy and emotion.

5. Strangers and wacky people regularly show up and approach them. Most often people who are spiritually gifted attract strangers who are in need of help or healing, whether that be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental. For the full list, you will want to take a look at the site. You will find the list of seven things spiritual gifted things people are affected by at the Be The Light site. On the site, you will find all things spiritual, spirituality and health, consciousness, personality, self-improvement, psychic and more. **

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