Star Wars Spin-Off: Why I Think Yoda Should Get a Standalone Origin Movie!

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Who's your favourite Star Wars character? Could it be Yoda, perhaps? He's definitely one of the most well-loved and interesting, with a whole history that could easily be turned into a movie all on its own a Star Wars spinoff as Kieran Jacob Drapper suggests in his blog post rather than part of a trilogy.

He just might have a good idea there. The new Star Wars trilogy, beginning with The Force Awakens, which opens on December 18th, will take us about thirty years into the future (after the last episode, which was Return of the Jedi), to a world where Yoda is not likely to exist. For many Star Wars fans, this is a sad fact indeed. Drapper is suggesting that, instead of going into the future, we must first go into the past to do a full-on origin story about Yoda. Where did he come from? What was his family like? How did he become a Jedi? Many fascinating seeds have been planted throughout the Star Wars movies regarding Yoda's past, seeds that could easily grow into a vivid biography of Yoda's life.

Another big reason Drapper gives for making a new Yoda film are that there are too many questions left unanswered in the earlier films. What about Yoda's teacher, for example, N'Kata Del Gormo. He was said to be a snake-like being who was also a Jedi Master. He trained Yoda... But how? Was it in a similar way that Yoda trained the young Luke Skywalker (hopefully not as we don't want to rehash all of that it's already been done), but there is a huge potential for telling this story in a wholly new and unique way!

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