Statistician Uses Math to Predict the Survivability of Game of Thrones Characters

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Math is a very challenging subject that not all of us are exactly fond of. But if you are one of those who embrace it and happens to be good at it, then you can definitely find a use for that skill like analyzing the survival rate of some of Game of Thrones characters. It's not everyday that you get to encounter interesting statistics pertaining to this matter, so when you find one; it's a must that you share it. If you are intrigued on what's the inside logic behind the last two novels of the story (Song of Ice and Fire), then reading this article might just satisfy your curiosity.

George R.R. Martin is the genius behind the story of the Game of Thrones, while Richard Vale is the genius behind the statistics that could decipher the answer as to who is the character that is most likely to survive in the story. Vale is a statistician at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, and he used a method called Bayesian in his analysis. With his estimation from the data he has gathered, there's a huge chance that he could predict the life span of the characters in the story that we all could say is quite gory.

Vale based his report on the appearances that a character has made in the previous chapters of the book. From there, he was able to tell if the character is most likely to stick around in the next installment. Like if the character is seen in at least in the entire chapter, then there's a huge chance for it to survive up to the end of the novel. He also made some graphs to show what he's talking about for people to further understand his data and calculations.

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