Stop Those Glasses from Fogging Up

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Wearing glasses has advantages, but it also comes with some disadvantages as well. Don't you hate it when your glasses fog up after coming in from the cold? One of the simple life hacks from I Love DIY, shows us how to stop glasses from fogging up. Wearing glasses isn't something people really want to do, but have to do so they can see the world around them better. However there are some people who only wear glasses for fashion reasons, yet they can see perfectly fine. If you wear glasses, you probably know how difficult life can be when you can't see out of them, or when you lose or break them. Just like any glass or plastic that is exposed to the cold air, your glasses automatically fog up when you step indoors into a warmer environment. It may also happen if you are opening the oven door to take food out of the oven or to check on it, or when you open your dishwasher when it's done cleaning your dishes. It's so annoying because it does take a minute or two before the fog clears up completely and it's bound to happen every time.

The first pair of glasses were created in Italy in 1286 and the designs were simply magnifying glasses that would attach to the nose. In the early years wearing glasses was not a very fashionable thing to do, however, as the years progressed, they became more fashionable. In the 1950s a whole new style of frames came out for glasses made out of plastics and metals, in bright colours and funky designs. The most popular of that era was the wing tip frame mostly worn by women. This style has actually made a comeback these days with similar styles available in frames. The 1970s brought a very distinct style of glasses frame, these ones were characteristically very large, rounded frames in different muted tones like orange, purple and green. This style also seems to be making a comeback these days, especially for sunglasses frames. The 1980s and 90s brought in the completely wired frame that was much more simplistic than the frames from following decades. The more modern frames are quite rectangular in shape and have a very sleek and sophisticated look. There are also different types of lenses that you can get in frames. There are auto tint lenses that will automatically darken when exposed to too much light, or glasses that don't chip or crack as easily. There are special coatings that the lenses can have now to reduce glare for the wearer.

So how do you prevent your glasses from fogging up? In this video, I Love DIY shares with us one of their real life hacks and all you need is some dish soap and a couple of cloths. Yep, that's all you need and you can be on your way to having no issues with fog on your lenses. Simply take your dish soap of choice and squirt some onto a cloth. Then, take it and rub it all over your lenses, front and back. Once it's all rubbed in, just let it set for 15 minutes or so and it will dry clear, leaving the residue behind. Then, just polish your glasses up with a special glasses cleaning cloth and you're good to go. Somehow, the film of dish soap prevents the condensation from occurring. You could also try this on your swim goggles and see if it works. Give it a try and see how it goes for you. Be sure to try some of the other simple life hacks and diy ideas from I Love DIY and check their page frequently for more ideas and inspiration.***

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