The 5 Weirdest Changes George Lucas Ever Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy

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What are the 5 Weirdest Changes George Lucas Ever Made To The Original Star Wars Trilogy. Many of the biggest Star Wars geeks know them, but do you? Do you know the five weirdest changes George Lucas ever made to the original Star Wars Trilogy? If not, then you gotta read the article, then you will too.

If you're old enough to have been alive and aware in the late 1970s and early 1980s, then you'll probably remember the original Star Wars Trilogy and how magical it was when it was first released. And even if you hadn't quite been born yet, videos of these films in their pristine, original form were available and in circulation for quite some time (maybe you even own these original videos, and maybe you even had the presence of mind to convert them to DVD and therefore preserve them for all-time! We sure hope so, because they're very rare indeed these days). For those of us who saw the original films on the big screen as well as through our VCRs, we know every detail inside and out. We had everything memorized, and even if it was cheesy in some places - it was all still perfect!

But then, in the late 90s, with the plan of re-releasing the films in a digital format, George Lucas had the bright idea of tweaking them even further. He wound up making some very bizarre changes that make absolutely no sense to anyone, perhaps not even to Lucas himself. And here are just five of the weirdest!

For one thing, do you remember Oola, Jabba's private palace dancer in Return of the Jedi? Well, in the 90s, George Lucas rehired the original actress who had played her so he could take a few extra shots reaction shots, as she's just about to be eaten by the Rancor. Why in sweet Heaven's name would he do that? It's not something you would notice if you haven't seen the original film, but if you have it can be pretty freakin' strange to see these new shots, not to mention distracting.

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