The Cat With Thick Eyebrows Who Always Looks Worried

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"God has a sense of humor!" That's what my daughter said when she saw this cat. She also said, "I so want it!". One can't help but chuckle when you see the cat with thick eyebrows that always look worried. This adorable cat with it's dark markings above the eyes is absolutely the cutest! No matter what expression the little one looks in a constant state of surprise or worry.

Do you have a pet that has any cute or amusing markings? How do you think the cat feels about his/her markings? Do you have "markings" over which you have no control? If so how do you feel about them?

Accepting ourselves as we are is something each and every person struggles with. We have a tendency to go to great lengths to have our perceived "imperfections" changed or removed. Maybe it's a very visible scar that you received from an accident or surgery. Maybe it's a birthmark, freckles or patchy colored skin. It may be that you don't like the shape of your nose, or mouth, or jaw, or how your eyes are.

For me, I was born a bump on the outside of my ear. As a child, and particularly a teen I resented when people would comment on it and ask me if it was a pimple. Eventually, I had it removed. For some reason I could live with the scar from the cosmetic surgery rather than the bump itself. You know what that bump was? It was there because before I was born my ear canal had stopped developing, leaving me partially deaf and with the bump. I now understand it wasn't the bump that I was so sensitive about, as much as it was the reminder that I couldn't hear as well as most.

I wonder if that cat like me gets tired of anticipating the comments, the chuckles, and the remarks. Or maybe unlike me, she/he is very content in his/her own fur and embraces it with love. Be sure to check it out at 'Distractify' or by following the link below!

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