The Cursed Blue Hole of New Jersey

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"The Cursed Blue Hole of New Jersey" is a story you'll want to read about, and one that you won't soon forget. This area on the Northeastern coast of the country, is shrouded in mystery, legend and tales.

Within the vast pine barrens of New Jersey, an area already steeped in enigmas, spooky folklore, the paranormal, and high strangeness. Here you will find among the trees a curious body of water that is heavily shrouded by stories of the odd and bizarre, of a supposedly bottomless pit of frigid water that is also a natural wonder, scientific oddity, lair of ghosts and cryptids, an alleged portal to other dimensions, and an overall creepy, cursed place long surrounded by sinister folklore. Sprawled across the northeastern United States, covering the way between New Jersey to Maine, is the vast sea of pines, shrubs and scrub known as the pine barrens. Deep within this rugged expanse of trees, in the pine barrens near Winslow, New Jersey, on the border of Camden and Gloucester Counties, among the thick pines and underbrush, lies a curious sight. It is a strange, nearly perfectly circular pool of frigidly cold water, being approximately 130 feet across, which upon closer inspection proves to be almost completely clear, with azure water totally devoid of any vegetation living in it. It is a somewhat jarring sight when you consider that most of the ponds in the area are stagnant pools of murky brown water due to rotting vegetation.

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