The Gathering Storm

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HBO's epic fantasy series continues to draw in watcher's, one of whom is President Obama! Filled with unexpected plot twists and surprise endings, Games of Thrones is enjoying another successful season. Now into it's fourth season and it fan base continuing to grow, writer of the book that spurred the series, George R.R. Martin and creators of the series, David Benioff and DB Weiss, are thrilled. With fans hoping for several more seasons of political intrigue to enjoy, they keep coming back for more.

Creators, Weiss and Benioff who met in graduate school in Dublin, now share an office in West Hollywood. Far from his original dream of being a college professor, Benioff has found his niche. Weiss, who is an accomplished author and has had several of his books adapted to film, was absolutely enthralled with the book and felt this story had to be made into film! I think it is fair to say he was right! Benioff, Weiss and Martin make a great team as they pump out season after season of spellbinding plots and twists. With an ever increasing fan base, this series is the most illegally downloaded series going. Last season's finale was bootlegged by millions. It is little wonder it took home 10 Emmy's and it's likely to take home even more!

Despite being highly criticized for it's gruesome violence, nudity and sometimes disturbing content, Games of Thrones continually draws in more viewers with each season. A show all about power and how to keep it, Benioff and Weiss predict the show will likely come to and end after it's 7th or 8th series. Not to fret fans, you will be able enjoy it for some time to come. To learn more about the men behind "Games of Thrones", check out the article in 'Vanity Fair' or follow the link below.

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