The Girl Who Could Climb Before She Could Walk

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Guys, what did you learn first before you could walk when you were still a baby? “Learn to say 'Mom' and 'Dad'.” “Well, I first learned the 'close-open' thing.” “I don't know. Crawl?” Alright, we are all the same, from talking to crawling. There are lots of baby things that are taught to us before we could even walk. However, not for this young and beautiful rock climber. *silence* Ok, so maybe she learned all those before, but the strange thing she learned first is to climb. Climbing before walking, fellas! Do you want to meet this young lady and rock climb with her later? “Please.” Let's rock it!

Meet Sasha DiGiulian, people! She is a 19-year-old American rock climber who becomes the first and only American woman to climb grade 9a in 2012, which is considered as the “hardest sport climb ever achieved by a female.” Sasha hails from Virginia but now lives in New York. According to Tara Brady in the website Mail Online, Sasha admits that she learned to climb first before she could even walk. “I used to climb out of my cot as a baby. I was a bit of a nuisance to my parents. Then I'd play 'follow the leader' along monkey bars with other kids, trees, and eventually onto rock walls,” Sasha shares, as quoted by Brady. Sasha starts to climb at age 6. *silence* Well, I play Barbie and Ken when I am still six years old. She begins to join competitions at the age of 11. She has her first world title at 18. Sasha has won many competitions and has climbed the hardest route. Now, she is ranked as “number one in the world for Female Outdoor Sports Climbing.” This girl simply rocks the world! Anyway, aside from rock climbing, Sasha studies Creative Writing at Columbia University. Well, she's also trying to make a name in the world of writing. Good girl, Sasha! *winks*

For more information about Sasha and her training, visit Mail Online's website below and admire her more! *winks*

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