The Impossible Climb: Chris Sharma

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Chris Sharma is an American professional rock climber, and he is considered one of the world's best rock climber. Besides being a professional athlete, he is also an ambassador and entrepreneur from Santa Cruz, California. Recently, he attempted to tackle the world's hardest climb a 200-foot overhanging cave at the top of a mountain in southern California.

This humble man devoted his whole life discovering and climbing outstanding, beautiful and apparently difficult courses with his calm, powerful approach and vibrant style of movement. Chris Sharma is still active in climbing the world standard, insistent limits of the probabilities and he always visualizing the route of his story in his climbing profession.

In years of climbing, Sharma has designed many types of climbing styles from bouldering to sports climbing to deep-water soloing. His trademark route is in Es Pontas, where he climbs underbelly on a great arch in the center of the ocean.

Due to his many experiences in rock climbing, Sharma has become the primary force in the climbing business. He is the main shoe designer at Evolv. In fact, several of his designs are award-winning units of climbing shoes. He is also the founder of the first and only deep-water solo competition in the United States called the PsicoBloc Masters.

In 2013, Chris Sharma opened his initial rock-climbing gym with his partner sponsor the Walltopia called Sender One, located in Los Angeles, California. The Sender One has 25,000 sq. ft. of climbing area, and it is the primary indoor-climbing facility in Southern California. This is also one way for Sharma to give back to the community since he also discovered his talent in a gym.

Sharma is now preparing himself for the big, impossible climb challenge ahead of him and he trains for the climb in Spain alongside his girlfriend, Dalia.

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