The Insanely Great and Spoiler-Free Theory Behind Jaqen H'ghar's Return

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German actor Tom Wlaschiha's character Jaqen H'ghar on Game of Thrones is now back as the series hits its fifth season. A lot of followers of the show are curious about his return, and there have been many speculations behind it. We have here some of the possible reasons why his mysterious character is back. But don't worry because we won't exactly give out spoilers here, we'll just point out some of the reasons that were already seen on the show.

During Wlaschiha's interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said that his character is meant to be enigmatic. It's hard to form a conclusion yet about his relevance in the story, but in the end it will all make sense. There was no explanation on how he appeared to be in King Landing's black cells and had his journey go from there. But one thing is for sure; it was not a coincidence. This was the actor's theory about his character, and we see that this is him trying not to spoil anything about his role.

The intriguing part is how Jaqen, a highly trained assassin was imprisoned like that. Also, could it be that Syrio Forel from season 1 was also him? The mystery continues since the writers decided his reappearance on this current 5th season. Now we have the Faceless Men to analyze as well, if they are linked to the other characters that could also be Jaqen. His reappearance also indicates possible return of the crowd's favorite First Sword of Braavos. When Arya Stark started asking for Jaqen at the House of Black and White and found out from an old man that there is no one by that name inside, you know something is up.

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