The Most Difficult Big Wall Free Climbs in the World

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For aspiring rock climbers here... alright, give me the highest of five first because I belong to the group. *high five* Awesome! Let me repeat that again. For aspiring rock climbers around the globe, don't let your career miss the most difficult walls to climb in the world. You'll be missing half of your wonderful rock climbing life if you do. Do you need inspiration? Yes! I need to see if it's really possible to conquer the most difficult rock walls in the world. Well, it is possible my friend. This time, we'll see if your favorite rock climber belongs to the list of the most difficult big wall free climbs in the world. Take note, everyone. Free climb. As in free. FREE. CLIMB.

When it comes to rock climbing, women also rock the world. And when it comes to the most difficult free rock climbs, they are never out of the list. Do you want to know the brave gal who made it? Its Lynn Hill, baby! Lynn Hill is an American rock climber.

She is able to free climbing at 'The Nose' in 1993. 'The Nose' is a part of Yosemite's El Capitan located in California. What is the length and difficulty? I'll keep you in suspense. *winks*

Tommy Caldwell is the captain at El Capitan, people! According to Paul Nelson in Rock Climbing website, this is his first El Capitan Route and is arguably the one that put him at the forefront of hard free climbing on the feature, with nine pitches of 5.13 or harder. How awesome is that, huh? Are you curious if who did it next? Again, we will find out later.

Any Alex Huber, Matt Wilder, Justin Sjong, Iker Pou, Eneko Pou, Stphanie Bodet, Sylvain Millet, Laurent Triay, Arnaud Petit, Dani Andrada, Daniel Woods, Yuji Hirayama, Stefan Glowacz, and Chris Sharma fans here? Well, that's a lot of rock climbers. *big smile* But if you are a big fan of them, you better check out Rock website below to know more! *winks*

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