The Nitty-Gritty of Making Unique, Inexpensive Log Furniture

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Who among you here is in love with log furniture? “Forever and ever, I will always love log furniture.” “Almost all my stuff at home is made of logs. I guess you can say that I'm in love with it.” I love rustic style, therefore, I love log furniture.” There's only one thing to say: I love you all, brothas! Our mutual affection towards log furniture has kept us together. *winks* Why don't we take a look and get to know more about the actual process of building? Come and sit down with that log chair and we'll talk. Later, I'll lead you to the free log furniture plans. *winks*

As stated in Wikipedia, “Log Furniture is a type of rustic furniture, incorporating the use of whole logs.” They are designed to have that 'pioneer' look. Log furniture is easy to make. It is also regarded as sturdy and when it is sturdy, it's long lasting. *winks* How does someone who makes log furniture feel when creating one? For Sarah Elliot in the 'Love to Know' website, “There's something satisfying about making a piece of furniture that still reflects the unique nature of the original wood.” Well, I guess we can all see why it's satisfying. *smiles*

Let's go now to the basics of log furniture. Elliot says, “Log furniture is probably one of the most free form and creative furniture styles.” Basically, you will only need your woodworking skills... and creativity. *winks* What's another thing we need? *silence* “Our hands?” Of course, you're loving hands are needed, but most of all, the draw knife should be on the top. You wouldn't use your hands in shaving woods, would you? Unless you have wonder hands. Anyway, “the draw-knife can be used both to remove bark from logs and to make tenons, a type of joint that has a protrusion on the end of one log that fits into a mortise in another log.”

As promised, I will take you to the world of log furniture plans. You will need to click the Love To Know website below to discover the best sites for free log furniture plans and instructions. Have fun making your own!

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