These Creative Photos Use Optical Illusions to Promote Pet Adoption

Take a close look at these beautiful portraits created by photographer Amol Jadhav and art director/retoucher Pranav Bhide, and you are sure to be surprised. The new portraits were recently created for the World For All Animal Care And Adoptions in Mumbai. Using creative lighting and framing techniques, they created a set of new optical illusion portraits that each contain two images in one. The new ads are part of a campaign promoting pet adoption, with the tagline “There's always room for more. Adopt.” Photographers Jadhav and Bhide who work for McCann Worldgroup India, Mumbai, created the beautiful interpretation of that tagline by arranging their subjects to create an animal shape in the negative space of the photo between the people. Then, by using a bright backlight and just enough fill from the front of the photo, the team were able to capture the people and the animal shape in a single image. The photo also needed a bit of post-processing to clean things up. The important message and images were used to promote the World For All Adoptathon in Mumbai, and the campaign worked very well. The event saw a 150 percent increase in foot traffic, and The World For All was able to adopt out 42 previously-homeless animals in just one day.

The aim of the World For All is to inspire the co-existence between stray animals and the people of Mumbai, by finding loving homes for animals and creating compassion, tolerance, and humanity for those animals living on the streets. The aim of the World For All is to keep animals safe. With animal homelessness being a very large cause for concern in India. With millions of stray animals all over the country, and rural areas receiving much less help, intervention and volunteer help for these beloved animals. The numbers of the homeless animals have never been accurately recorded, however, in large cities, spaying and neutering is something that has greatly helped in controlling of the numbers. Mumbai's last recorded number of stray cats and dogs was 50,000 in 2005. However, these numbers have dropped significantly after aggressive adoptions and spaying and neutering. All of this has been made possible only with the help of diligent NGO's (not for profit) working in the city ensuring quality control and monitoring of these animal numbers. In recent times the awareness of animal rights and animal rescue have reached large proportions. Cats are still not looked after as well as dogs are and are not even included in the local municipalities plans to help.

It is heart-wrenching to see young animals, disabled and sick animals and infant animals with no abilities to survive just helpless on the street. These animals usually die very horrific deaths without intervention. Also, there are many families who buy dogs and cats and then abandon them when they become inconvenient, and these animals have no survival or adaptation skills and usually die very quickly from starvation, being attacked by territorial animals, and road accidents. Road accident animal casualties are especially a large problem in cities where there is a gross overpopulation of vehicles. The very reason that the existing environments need to made safer for cats and dogs that the helpless ones need rescuing is that we have become a civilized society where it is now our duty to tend to the helpless and needy. Donating to this needy cause can go a long way in saving animals lives.

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