These Crystal Candles Are Magically Easy To Make

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If you're looking for some fun diy projects to try out, here's a really cool one that involves some science too. These crystal candle holders are magically easy to make, with just a few supplies you'll be on your way to having sparkling tea light holders that will be the envy of anyone who comes over to your house. Diy crafts for home are one of the most easy and affordable ways that you can decorate and adorn your home with some style and beauty. These tea light candle holders are fairly inexpensive to make and you may have some of the tools and supplies to make them. They would look great in any living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom for those candle lit baths, or maybe even out on your deck or patio. You can make them any colour you like, or, try leaving them with no colour and see how they turn out. Decorating with candles is always a great way to bring in some warmth to any room, adding a soft glow and creating a beautiful ambiance. Always be mindful of candle use and make sure that you're in the room with them, or at least not too far away and watch kids and pets around burning candles too.

For this cool diy project, all you need is a two part can lid, the one with the lid and the ring from Mason jars. You can buy a whole flat of 12 Mason jars for around $12 or less at any department store and you can use them for all sorts of diy ideas and diy crafts for home. You can use jars for tea light candle holders too, as well as for cups to drink out of and containers to store items in like food, office supplies, bathroom supplies like Q-tips and cotton balls, or personal items. You can even buy a package of only Mason jar lids to do this project if you don't want to use the jars for anything, or if you still need the jar lids for your jars. You also need a glue gun, some super glue, some alum powder, a nail and hammer, some wire, water, food colouring, a heat safe container, clear coat spray, and of course, a tea light candle. Once you have your supplies gathered you simply glue the lid, metal side up, to the inside and bottom of the lid ring, and then punch a hole through the lid in the centre and feed some wire through it. Then you just dab on some super glue around the lid ring roll it in the alum powder. You create a mixture of water and alum powder with your choice of food colouring. The more intense you would like your colours to be, the more food colouring you'll add to the water.

The solution is put into a heat safe container that's large enough to fit the lid inside, and the liquid is poured into the container. You set up the lid by hanging it from the wire by a pencil and letting it set overnight. What you reveal the next day is incredible, it really ends up looking like real crystals. You clear coat it once it's dried to seal it and then its ready to have a candle inside of it. This is one of those diy ideas that would be nice to give away as a gift to someone and when it comes to diy projects that are educational for kids, this is definitely one of them. Try it out soon and see how yours turn out.***

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