This Mirror Idea Takes Just a Few Minutes to Make, but It Will Make You Smile Every Time You Walk into the Room!

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If you're looking for easy do it yourself home projects, you've come to the right place. This mirror idea just takes a few minutes to make, but it will make you smile every time you walk into the room. There's nothing better than finding fun diy projects to bring some personality and style to your home, even if it's just for Christmas time or another special occasion. We usually have a mirror somewhere in our home, whether it's in the living room or in the entrance way. It's nice to have mirrors in the main part of the home and not just in the bathrooms or the bedrooms. Adding a mirror to a living room can add some more light into a dark room, and make the room seem larger because of the reflection. It's also a great way to decorate and add some style to a space, and you can find beautiful, ornate mirrors at almost every home decor store. You can get a larger one with a nice frame for over top of your fire place instead of a piece of art to enhance the mantle of your fireplace. Mirrors are not too expensive either, and you could even make one yourself with some reclaimed wood and an old mirror without a frame. That would be another one of the great do it yourself home projects you could do.

For this tutorial, take a mirror you already have in your home, preferably one out in the main living area so your guests can see it when they come over. Then, get some stencils. You can find stencils online through Amazon, like this lady did, or, you can go to your local crafting store and pick up a few of your favourite stencils to use. For this particular diy project she used a Merry Christmas stencil and a nice border stencil, but you can use whatever you like and you can put any message you want for any time of year. Place your stencil where you want it, and maybe tape it into place so it doesn't shift around too much. Then, you simply take some special mirror paint in the colour of your choosing and roll it onto the stencil gently with a mini foam roller for stencilling. Take your time and go slowly so you don't smudge the paint. Take the stencil off when you are done to reveal your beautiful design. If you didn't want to use a Merry Christmas stencil as your words on your mirror, you could put a nice quote you like, or inspirational words like Hope, Joy, or Peace. Have some fun with it and create something you love.

It would be fun to include your kids in these types of do it yourself projects too. One of the projects to do with your kids could be to take a full length mirror that would go in their bedroom and stencil their own name onto it. Then, you could let them put their stencils of choice on the mirror to decorate it in their own unique style. Or, you could do some of their handprints in the paint placed around the edges of the mirror so the centre is still visible. They would have so much fun being able to decorate their own mirror that they look in every day. You could apply this tutorial to your bathroom mirror putting cute quotes on it too. Enjoy trying out this project and other fun diy projects from Hometalk. They offer photos and sometimes videos of their diy projects as well, making them really easy to follow along with.***

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