This Primitive Civilization has an Incredibly Healthy Natural Diet and the Worlds Healthiest Hearts... Here is What They Eat!

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We all want to know about different ways to increase our overall health and wellbeing, and sometimes that means looking to other cultures for tips on healthy living. This civilization of people in Bolivia known as the Tsimane people have an incredibly healthy and natural diet, and they also have the world's healthiest hearts according to researchers. You may have never heard of them before, but the Tsimane people live in the Amazon rainforests of Bolivia. They lead a much simpler life than most people do in modern day society, and they rely on their own skills to have their needs met. Many people living in cities around the world may see this way of life primitive or less advanced than the modern person's way of life, but it's actually an extremely intelligent way to live. Thinking about the way people in the US live in comparison to how the Tsimane people live, it's not surprising that these people are much healthier than the average US citizen. Most people in what are known as developed cities are primarily quite sedentary most of their days. People spend most of their time working on a computer at a desk, sitting in cars or sitting on the sofa after work. A sedentary lifestyle alone is causing a lot of illnesses, not to mention people's diets.

The Tsimane people practice healthy living as a way of life, and not just a diet to go on to lose some weight and look better. They are hunters and farmers for their own food which puts them ahead of so-called developed nations for many reasons. Farming and hunting for their own food puts them in touch with what they are consuming, which creates a sense of connection to the world around them. This alone is extremely beneficial for health and wellbeing. They don't consume any of the processed foods that other people do, all of their food is fresh, most likely organic, and full of all the proper vitamins and nutrients a human needs. They do eat a lot of carbohydrates like rice and fruit, which are grown themselves or foraged from the forests around them. They also eat enough healthy fats, but not too much, whereas the average American eats probably too much fat which can be bad for the heart and other organs. Eating too much fat over time can clog your arteries and start to build up making people overweight and unhealthy. It's best to stick to healthy fats like avocados, coconuts and healthy fats from fish.

The Tsimane people are also very physically active because they are constantly moving and working to meet their own needs. It was shown in the research that the average person took around 17,000 steps in one day. Many people in urban centers working desk jobs struggle to even get half of this number of steps in per day. People like the Tsimane people, also do not have a lot of the stresses of modern day life. They live in smaller groups that are very close knit and supportive, they don't drink or smoke, and they don't have jobs that cause them a lot of stress. So from what we can see, living the modern way even with all of the conveniences and luxuries, might be leaving people less than healthy. We can take some notes from the healthy lifestyle of the Tsimane people and incorporate them into our own healthy lifestyle. It might look a little something like this; less processed foods, more fresh, organic, natural foods. Less sitting and more activity. Also, cutting down or cutting out drinking and smoking is crucial to maintaining our overall health and wellbeing.***

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