Top 10 Common Dreams and Their Meanings

Everyone on earth dreams when they sleep, and it is estimated around 90 minutes for each sleep. The Dream is still considered a mystery for many people, especially when the dream tends to be similar with strangers around the world. So, what could it be possibly meant? Here is what you need to know:


This is probably the most common dream everyone had. Dream of falling simply means that you are holding on strongly to something in your life. And whatever it might be, it is time you should let go.


If you have dreamt of flying, there are chances that you have enlightened yourself from something that has hold you down or weighing you down for a long time.


Anyone can tell that if you are dreaming of the death of something or someone, it is often perceived as a negative signs. However, death does not mean anything physical but it is more associated with the changes that are going on in your real life. And it could also mean the start or end of something new.


Naked is associated with exposing yourself which means dreaming naked may be connected with the feeling of vulnerability in any aspect in your life whether it is psychologically, physiologically or emotionally.


Dreamed of being chased simply means that you are probably running away from something or a situation in your life that you must face.

6.Teeth Falling Out

Teeth symbolized confidence. And many people believed that dreaming your teeth is falling out means that something happened in your life that has taken away your confidence.

7.Unprepared for an Exam

If you dream of this situation or having a nightmare of this type of dream, you could be in a position where you are assessing your life in a critical way.


Most people misunderstood the meaning of dreaming a baby. It does not mean you need or are going to have a baby. A baby simply means a beginning of something new.


All of us have dreamed about being late. Dreaming of being late indicates that you have lost an opportunity in your real life which may or may not be important to you.


It depends on what your dream is all about. If you dreamed your vehicle was out of control, there is great chances that you think you do not have full control of your real life.

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