Top 10 Fat Loss Tips

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Getting fat is the problem of most people especially women. They would like their bodies to be fit and sexy. And there are times when you look into the mirror and you noticed how you've changed after going out partying and eating all your favorite food, you now go challenge yourself to lose some weight. It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you start, that's the important thing. So to help you with that, we have 10 diet tricks that would help you lose fat.

1. Snack on high-protein, high-fiber foods.

Eat foods that has high-protein and high-fiber foods which can be found in fruits and steer-clear of the high-calorie chips and crackers. With these, you'll be able to eat fewer calories while still feel satisfied and full.

2. Sit down and eat

Doing something that distracts you and making you busy like watching the tv, driving, calling & texting while eating would result in getting out of track, making you eat more than your meal control. This applies when eating with your family, friends or solo.

3. Regular scaling

Step on the weighing scale daily so you can keep track on your weight increase. If it get past your normal weight and keep increasing for the next few days, then it's time for you to drain those fats out.

4. Be into shape

Even if you are too much dedicated on your work and busy life, 15 minutes of workout for at least 3 times a week wouldn't hurt, would they? Even the simplest thing of opting into stairs instead of riding the elevator would help you burn those calories.

5. Make use of your cell

Whenever you crave of something you really like to eat, redirect your brain by calling your friend and asking them how's their day going. Research shows that cravings only lasts for about 5 minutes, so by the time you end your conversation, the urge to eat eased up.

6. Stick to the right portions for a balanced breakfast

A morning meal made up of protein, carbs and fat steadies the blood sugar and takes away those hunger pangs that strikes in the afternoon. Use a smaller plate to visually signal that your plate will satisfy you and put away those leftovers so you're not tempted to pig out and come back for seconds.

7. Don't drink those calories

Common reason to why you're not seeing results is because of those empty calories from drinking morning juice, a bottle of beer, wine & soda during dinner time can really add up. Stick to flavored water with fresh ingredient like lemon or mint to get rid of those unimportant calories.

8. Have 2 fruits a day

Eating fruits twice a day saves you from digesting more calories because it fills you up leaving no more room for an over-sized meal. These fruits have good carbs that has a lot of healthy fibers.

9. Get more sleep

Get to bed 30 minutes before and later than your usual bed time. Researchers report that by doing this, helps you make better food choices, because lack of sleep causes you to eat more throughout the day. This is the easy and effective way to keep your weight-loss goal on the right track.

10. Picture yourself thin

When you feel that your losing motivation, remind yourself that being thin is attainable to keep you focused on your goal.

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