Top 10 Secrets The Catholic Church Hopes You've Forgotten

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We all are entitled to choose whatever it is that we want to believe in. We have the right to choose our faith or form of religion. But has it not occurred to you that maybe, just maybe you are not on the right path? It is hard to say when every religion on earth claims that they have the truth. The quest for the truth seems to be an endless journey, but the quest for lies; well that should be easy. Especially when a religion has somehow given out secrets that don't add up to their faith and has even released those secrets to the public. They can only hope the masses have forgotten it. Here are some of the top 10 secrets the Catholic Church hopes you don't recall.

1. The Lies of Mother Teresa- we all know that she was a saint. But if you get to the bottom of her real personal history, it was quite far from her image at all. Apparently, it was a ploy that the Catholic Church did for publicity to cover up their tarnished reputation. Mother Teresa was not even her real name. Her real name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu and she was originally from Albania. The lie didn't end here because she was publicized as someone who traveled the world to give to the needy, when she did the total opposite of it. During the time when she was alive, she made friends with Jean-Claude Duvalier who is known as Haiti's dictator. Duvalier gave him money, which all was stolen from the country's poor people. He wasn't the only thief that Mother Teresa befriended with, but she was also tight with Charles Keating. This man is known for defrauding American taxpayers that went over $3 Billion.

2. Excommunication Policies- this church almost excommunicated a rape victim. They didn't do it because she was a minor that time, so they excommunicated the mother instead. And guess what, they didn't do it to the rapist.

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