What Is Going on With the Accents in Game of Thrones?

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What is going on with Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones is one of the best loved and most talked about shows out there, and now it seems that one of the biggest inconsistencies in the show is also one of its most rarely talked about aspects.

The seeming randomness of the accents used throughout the series by characters that are supposed to be from the same regions is one problematic part of the show that diehard fans might choose to overlook. For instance, the Northmen including Roose Bolton, Ned Stark, and even Jorah Mormont all have widely different accents, even though they are supposed to be from the same region. Their accents and most people in the show tend to range from South London accents to North England and Irish accents, while the foreigners in the series from across the narrow sea tend to have European accents, like the people of Braavos where Arya is currently residing.

I have noticed from watching Game of Thrones that they do sometimes take short cuts when it comes to accents. It doesn't completely make sense that Charice Van Houten, the powerful Fire Priestess, uses her native Dutch accent even though she is supposed to be from across the native sea. In Braavos the character Jaquim Hagar that Arya befriends also has a German accent that seems out of place. In the end, it seems that accents are used more whimsically in the series to capture a certain attribute or feeling. They are not rigorously stuck to in every region, but in a show that offers so many fantastical elements, the difference in accents is probably very unlikely to be closely scrutinized.

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