What This Woman Does With This Table Is Completely Unbelievable

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When buying a home, one of the first things to consider is how you'll decorate it once it's yours. What this woman does with this table is completely unbelievable and it would make a great piece for any home, large or small. If you're moving into a conventional home of average size, you will probably not think about the size of your furniture too much. With larger spaces, more decorating options are viable, and you can enjoy taking your pick of any kind of furniture you want. On the other hand, when working with small house design, you'll want to explore your options a bit more since space in a small house is not as available. The items in your home will be even better if they can work doubly duty, especially in a small house design. So this table in the video you are about to watch on YouTube would be a very desirable option for small homes, as well as larger homes that want the option of saving space. The table contracts and expands through a system of gears, and is very well engineered to move smoothly and easily. One woman shows how easy it is for her to make the table expand and contract just by twisting it the right ways.

She walks around the table, pushing it clockwise to expand it, revealing a really cool star shape in the centre, and then just like magic, all of the outside pieces interlock into place. Then, to make the table smaller again, she simply pushes the table counter clockwise and all the pieces go back into place making the table small. This table design has no legs, making it easy to fit chairs around it no matter what size it is. It's also incredibly sturdy and well crafted with what seems to be solid wood. There is a handle on the side of the table that makes it easier to rotate as well and they show it on a ship or a yacht to show that it would be perfect for life on the water. The only downside of this table is that it seems like it may have to be stationary, as it seems to be installed into the flooring, meaning that it will not be able to be moved. But, this is also a plus because if it's on a ship, it won't slide around as the ship rocks with the motion of the water.

The engineers put a lot of thought into building furniture that is so flexible, and now there are so many options for different types of furniture to choose from when you're buying a home. There are also coffee tables available now that work on a type of hydraulic system that raise up to be the height of a normal table just by pulling it upward. The coffee table pulls up to reveal a lot of great storage within the table and provides a nice work space when it's raised. Perfect for those who work at home and have limited space. Many people who own tiny houses are getting into building furniture specifically for their small house design, making sure that each piece of furniture has a couple of different purposes and fits in with the design of the home. Building furniture of your own will also help you get exactly what you want, instead of having to search all over for something that suits your needs and your space. Ikea is another great option to look at when it comes to buying furniture for a small house design. They have so many great storage options too, and they are very affordable.***

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