What Your Birthstone Says About Your Sexlife

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Pairing astrology and birth months with crystals can be a fun way to get to know yourself and your loved ones better. So if you have ever wanted to have some fun and learn more about how your birth month corresponds to your romantic life, there is a video telling you all about it as well as which crystals are associated with which birth month. Associating a crystal or gemstone with a zodiac sign or birth month is also a great way to give someone personal gifts on their birthdays. People love gifts that are special like that, so through this video, you can also learn which crystals match each month and get something special for your loved one when it's their special day. You can also work with these crystals and gemstones on their own and collect them for yourself for fun or for use in your spiritual practices. The video from Birthday Song By Name, they share different things about each birth month and also share what the crystal or gemstone is for each of the months too. The first crystal in the list is for January, and it's Garnet which is a deep red gemstone. Garnet on its own is a very sensual stone and holds the energy of love and passion. The video also says that they are one of the more risque people too and like a little adventure in bed.

For February you have the amethyst which is a lovely purple or violet crystal that holds the energy of relaxation and soothing. February people are naturally adventurous, and they are quite bold when it comes to sex. Although they might be emotionally distant, which can be frustrating, but they will come around after a while. The crystal for March is aquamarine, a bluish-white crystal that holds the energy of communication and courage. March people love being in bed relaxing, and sex is very intense for them since they like to feel bonded with their partner. Unlike February born people March-born people enjoy making sex a spiritual practice of sorts which can really take the relationship to a new level of intimacy. In April the gemstone is the diamond a beautiful stone that is all about the energy of endurance and strength. These people are very intense and passionate, but they also tire of people quickly. May-born people get the emerald as their crystal which is associated with the energy of loyalty and domestic happiness. Sex for May people is very grounded and comfortable; the room must also be very beautiful and sensual for these people too.

June people have the moonstone as their crystal which is a wonderful stone for soothing the emotions and bringing inner growth. Those born in June are very adventurous especially with positions, they are not as intense as other birth months, but they are still pretty intense. They really enjoy phone sex since they are a birth month that is all about communication. July-born people have the ruby as their stone. The Ruby connects with the heart energy, and this is also connected to their need to have a deep emotional component to sex. They really have to feel safe with their lover but will always be great nurturers. The peridot stone is for the month of August, and these people can either be very selfish or very generous. They hate being told what to do too. September is the Sapphire which carries the energy of clarity and spiritual truth. These people are very passionate, but in control of their emotions too, they are also quite adventurous as well. These are just some of the birth months so make sure that you watch the entire video to learn more.***

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