Who Knew?! She Puts Her Jeans into her Freezer... I Could Not Have Guessed!

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Here are some more cool simple life hacks to add to your life, to make your life easier and more effortless. Who knew what putting your jeans in the freezer would do, and who would have even guessed to try it? You're about to find out how putting your jeans in the freezer is one of the next best real life hacks to try. Jeans are a tricky item when it comes to washing. They can really shrink up when you wash them and they can also get really stiff too, especially if you don't dry them in the dryer and just air dry them. So like other people, you may put off washing your jeans unless they have a noticeable stain on them or if they got really dirty. It may sound gross, but it just feels better to put on a pair of jeans that is nice and soft rather than a pair of crunchy, hard jeans. That's where this tutorial comes in to save the day and save you from having to wash your jeans if you don't want to quite yet.

So what does the freezer have to do with all of this and why would you want to put your jeans in there? Well, since the freezer reaches sub zero temperatures, anything that is put in there will also become extremely cold, and when you freeze things, like heating them, it will kill all of the bacteria and germs on the item. So the next time you want to rid your jeans of any bacteria but don't want to wash them in water, just put them in a plastic freezer back that zips closed and pop them into your freezer. You can leave them in there over night and then take them out in the morning when you're ready to wear them. Just be sure to let them warm up before you put them on, otherwise you might get a little cold. The effectiveness of freezing jeans has been reported by many people to be the next best way to take care of your denim. Even though freezing them won't kill 100% of the bacteria on them, it kills enough so they don't smell any more. As your jeans warm up however, the bacteria will start to grow again, so just be sure to keep putting them in the freezer whenever you can.

This would be a great way to keep your jeans while you're traveling. When you're on the road it can be hard to get to a laundromat, so just put your jeans in the freezer of a fridge at the hotel you're staying in. You could even add some ice from the ice machine in a plastic bag to amp up the freezing action. Another great reason to love the freezing method is because it saves energy and water. Your fridge and freezer are already running all the time anyway, so you might as well use them for something else. If your jeans are losing their shape, the freezer won't pull them back in, but if you'd still rather not wash them, simply stick them in the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes with some other laundry on a high temperature and that should tighten them up a bit again. There are so many other simple life hacks you can do just by putting things in the freezer and there are 13 more of them to be discovered on The Krazy Coupon Lady website. There are also awesome deals and many useful tips for life you don't want to miss so be sure to check them out.***

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