Who needs ropes? Fearless free climber clutches on by his fingertips to scale 2,500ft rock face that is 'as smooth as glass'

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Are you an avid climber? Do you love hiking or climbing up mountains? Have you ever dreamed about what it might be like if you could scale glass buildings like spider man? If so then you are probably familiar with Mr. Honnold.

If you have no clue who this name belongs to, allow me to introduce you to an amazing man, with an amazing talent. He is an amazing climber who has climbed some of the most treacherous terrain that the world has to offer, but that's not the amazing part. While most people climb with teams, tons of safety gear and rope. Mr. Honnold's latest climb along with many others he has completed, consists of only using his fingers, a little bag of chalk dust, and his climbing shoes. Thats right, no safety gear, no ropes and no harnesses. His recent endeavor is one that has people questioning how he did it over and over again. Mr. Honnold is said to be the Greatest Climber of the generation. There is pretty good evidence to support this claim as well.

Mr. Honnold has managed to complete a terrain in which takes most people three days, with safety gear. Although with his amazing skills and no safety gear, Alex Honnold managed to climb this death defying terrain in just three hours! The Terrain in which he climbed is called El Sendero Luminoso, which is a route that rises 2,500 ft straight upwards to the summit of El Toro in El Potrero Chico, Mexico. This particular climb has been deemed As smooth as glass. There are no prominent finger groves, holes, lifts, rocks, or anything that would provide a stable grasp for Alex. These pictures of his climb are truly amazing. You can see how his fingers are able to find the tiniest little crevice, or crack within the rock. From those little cracks he is able to get enough strength pull himself up, and keep climbing towards the top. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be spider man? This man is about as class as they come.

If you would like to read more about his story, and this amazing climb that he accomplished, with no gear, and in just three hours, click then link below and you will be redirected to the Mail Online website which tells this amazing story!

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