Why You Should Never Buy a Bottle Opener

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Can you imagine a world without a bottle opener? Perhaps we could all see everyone using their teeth, their bleeding fingers or anything that has a nail on it to push that cover out of a bottle. That is a lot of effort and stress to release just so you could enjoy your favorite drink! This is why we should be grateful that a bottle opener was invented. But there are many types of bottle openers that you should know. Some are mounted on walls like the ones you see in bars and pubs, while others are portable that you can use them anywhere with your hand.

The aim of a bottle opener is to catch the underside of the bottle cap by creating a pressure on its center to forcefully remove it. The design of a bottle opener tends to be consistent. Although they have one goal and that is to open a bottle cap (or anything that covers a bottle like corks), you can still find a lot of its varieties. Among its types are the crown cork opener, a simple bottle opener, speed opener, wall-mounted, magnetic catch bottle opener, and the multi-opener. There are also bottle openers that are specific for corks like a wine key, the cork master ad the twin prong cork puller.

You can make one on your own and the easiest has to be the one hand bottle opener. There will be a little bit of drilling and cutting involved, but soon you will have a bottle opener that you don't need to buy anywhere. It will be a fun piece of work to make yourself busy with. It's ideal to give as a gift and you can even sell them.

For further instructions and the step-by-step guide on how to make a one hand bottle opener, visit the website 'Instructables' below.

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