Wounded by 'Fearless Girl,' Creator of 'Charging Bull' Wants Her to Move

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The sculptor who created the Charging Bull statue near Wall Street in New York City is upset by the Fearless Girl statue that was put up March 07 in honor of International Women's Day. The sculptor who created the Charging Bull almost 30 years ago says that the Fearless Girl was an insult to his work, which he created after the stock market crashes that happened in the late 1980s. Arturo Di Modica is the sculptor who created the design, also copyrighted and trademarked the three-and-a-half-ton sculpture that stands near Wall Street. Since March 7, the Charging Bull has faced off against the Fearless Girl, a statue of a girl that is posed with her fists on her hips and was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, a financial firm based in Boston. Mr. Di Modica said that the Fearless Girl looks as though she is attacking the bull. Even as the Charging Bull artist was denouncing the Fearless Girl at a news conference in Midtown Manhattan, the State Street Global's home page highlighted the statue for its message about the power of women in leadership and urged for greater gender diversity on corporate boards. And while Mr. Di Modica and his lawyers did not disagree with that idea at a news conference, saying that None of us here are in any way not proponents of gender equality, they demanded that Fearless Girl be moved somewhere else. The Fearless Girl was only

New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, spoke out in support of Fearless Girl last month, again reiterated its importance on Twitter on Wednesday saying that Men who don't like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl. The Fearless Girl statue was seen by many as a unifying symbol during International Women's Day on March 7th of last month. Chelsea Clinton and the actress Jessica Chastain also posted on Twitter expressing their support for the statue. Mr. Di Modica became emotional, explaining that when he had heard about the Fearless Girl statue, his reaction was to go to the site in Lower Manhattan and try to do something to end the face-off between the two statues. He said Now I'm going to turn around the bull myself. The lawyers said that the Fearless Girl statue had subverted the bull's meaning, which Mr. Di Modica defined as being about freedom in the world, peace, strength, power and love. Many people would probably disagree as the Fearless Girl statue has become a symbol of hope and equality for women. Fearless Girl is a bronze sculpture that was created by Kristen Visbal and depicts a defiant girl that is staring down the well-known Charging Bull also known as the Wall Street bull statue.

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