You Might Want to Rethink Your Stairs When You See What This Homeowner Did for Christmas!

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This diy cool project will change the way this living room looks. If you've never decorated with garland before you will want to take a look at this easy DIY idea for a homemade garland. Sure you can go out and purchase a premade or fake garland, but it may cost you a lot more and not look nearly as nice. While making your own fresh garland might require a bit of clean up, you will love the way it looks and the way it freshens up your house. This DIY idea for fresh garland and lights is easy to make and uses simple materials such as battery powered lights, some ribbon, some dried greenery such as eucalyptus, juniper berries, and dusty miller, and any staircase can be dressed for the holiday season.

To start this fun diy project and idea, you will want to add the lights to the garland just like you would to a Christmas tree. Wrap the lights, so they are concealed somewhat underneath the branches, but you can still see them shine through. The next step is to secure the garland to your banister. You'll take the garland wrapped with lights and then zip tie it to several spots on the banister of your staircase. Three zip ties should do the trick with one on each side and one in the middle. You want to allow for the garland to swoop a bit between each of the ties rather than hang the garland too tight. I used three zip ties. One on each end and one in the middle. I made sure to allow my swag to swoop between each tie versus keeping it straight and tight to the railing. You will want to take a look at the step by step photo tutorial to see all the details of this fun DIY project. Some of the materials you will need for this DIY cool project include battery powered lights, some pre-tied garland, a variety of dried greens, scissors, some ribbon and floral wire. Most of these supplies can be found at your local home supply store. This is a diy cool project that can save you money and have fun doing things yourself.

One place where you can find a lot of the materials needed for DIY ideas and diy cool projects is at the local Home Depot store. This building supply company was founded in 1978 to help with the demand for building supplies from all of the do it yourself, enthusiasts. Today the company is the fourth-largest retailer in the country. Some fun facts about Home Depot include that the orange color of the sign originally came from circus tents. The reason for the orange color was simply because their early signage was made from discarded circus tents. The company even trademarked the orange when it's used specifically as a backdrop in advertising home goods. Home Depot has a distinctive brushed typeface font that is used for pricing on shelves and is exclusive to the store. The font is named Homer in honor of their mascot, known as Homer D. Poe. If you take a close look at the slightly smudged edges, they are reminiscent of an afternoon paint job.

This fun DIY project for illuminated garland can be found on the Hometalk site. This site is the worlds largest DIY connection where you will find almost any diy idea you can imagine. Some of the diy cool projects you will find on the site include outdoor living, organizing, makeovers, home maintenance and repair ideas, home decor and so much more. **

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