Your Tiny Pantry and Kitchen Is No Match for These Brilliant Ideas!

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If you find yourself looking for places to store all those grocery items in the kitchen cabinets, it might be time to make some extra space. Rather than go out and buy some additional cabinets you can take a look at some of the following DIY ideas that are easy to make and will give you the space that you need. With these simple DIY cool projects you will have a place for everything, and you won't have to go searching for space or shifting things around each time you do a grocery shop.

1. You will love this DIY idea for installing a pull-out pantry in your wall. Not every home has a pantry in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't make one of your own. All it takes is a blank wall to start. This is a great DIY idea that allows you to store so much in a small amount of space.

2. This diy cool project adds some storage bins under your shelves for so much extra space. This is a great way to make use of shelf space that otherwise doesn't get as used with drawers that pull out so you can see everything inside. It's also a way to keep your kitchen pantry looking uncluttered and organized.

3. This diy idea is another way to may use of space that would otherwise go unused by hilding your cans in a slide out shelf. Make use of that narrow space beside the fridge and the wall with a thin cabinet that stores lots of cans. You will love making such efficient use of space in this easy to do project.

4. If you have a closet that is close to the kitchen, you can repurpose it into a kitchen pantry. If you can do without the closet space, this closet can make the perfect pantry spot for all your kitchen storage and needs and is a great way to make our live easier. Repurpose a coat closet

This closet was so close to the kitchen that it became the perfect spot for all their pantry needs.

5. This DIY idea is sure to be one you love as it doesn't take a lot of space to do. By using thin shelves, you can build your kitchen pantry shelf along the wall. This is an excellent DIY idea for small kitchens and looks good with some hanging doors and the right hardware. You'll be amazed at the amount of extra space this diy idea will make.

6. Another of the diy ideas is simple woven baskets. You might have some leftover baskets from Easter or a gift basket you received. Give them new life and use them for pantry storage.

DIY cool projects can be found all over from books, the internet, television shows, and magazines. In recent years diy ides have become more popular than ever before especially with the addition of step by step online video tutorials. You can find pretty much any DIY idea that you are thinking of from kitchen projects, DIY cool projects for furniture, crafts, appliance repair and more. DIY ideas are a great way to save money, build something that you can't find at the department store, and take on a project that you will enjoy.

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